The company employees are mainly based on from the large shipbuilding enterprise. They have extensive experience in the design of large and internationally ships and offshore engineering, including bulk carriers, tankers, multi-purpose ships, chemical carriers and container ships etc.

Our team has many years of English as the working language of work experience, good communication and classification society and shipowner.

We had accumulated a lot of valuable experience in many years of work and established a good friendship with the customer.

Every employee of the company adheres to the principle of customer first, To solve the problems of customers in the first time with their own skills to serve the design of new ships and offshore engineering.

China Office Address: Room101, Building15,No.218 Yongxing Road, Nantong, Jiangsu. China. Contact person: Dennis Guo
Personal Email: dennis@whaletec-marine.com
Mob: +(86) 152 5131 5050 (Same with WeChat)
Singapore Office Address: 51 Goldhill Plaza #07-07 Singapore (308900) Contact person: Alec Cao
Personal Email: alec@whaletec-marine.com
Mob: +(65) 9380 2126 (Same with WhatsApp)
Tel: +(86) 513 5588 0328    Company Email: info@whaletec-marine.com    Web: www.whaletec-marine.com
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