In order to limit the environmental pollution caused by exhaust emissions from Marine diesel engines, Governments and international organizations have enacted relevant emission limitation rules and regulations.

No matter from the development trend of diesel engine technology, or from the perspective of energy saving and emission reduction, dual-fuel engine will occupy a very important position in the future ship market, and the fuel gas supply system matching with dual-fuel engine will also have a broad market prospect. This also makes it possible to retrofit the fuel gas supply system to the operational ships.

The FGSS retrofitting design can provide the following services:

· FGSS selection

· 3D Laser scanning

· Feasibility studies report

· Detail design for Class

· Production design for Shipyard

· System installation guidance

Relevant technical calculation documents:

· Structure FEM analysis

· Short circuit current calculation

· Piping stress analysis

· Electric load balance calculation

· Pressure loss calculation

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